How to maintain good dental habits at all times?

good dental habits

We all know the basics of good oral hygiene: brushing your teeth after every meal, flossing at least once a day, avoiding sugary and sticky foods. Tips that are easy to incorporate into a regular routine of life, but which are more difficult to maintain when we are not at home or our lifestyles are less regular. Here is some information and advice on how to maintain good oral habits, regardless of the circumstances.

Principles and importance of good hygiene:

The impact of diet  : The three biggest enemies of oral health, i.e. cavities, plaque and tartar, are directly linked to our diet: they are the result of bacteria in our mouths which proliferate by nourishing sugars and other food residues, in addition to emitting acids harmful to the enamel. This protective layer of our teeth is also vulnerable to the acidity of the food consumed. It is therefore for these reasons that it is recommended to brush your teeth after each meal, or even after each consumption of food or drink, especially if they are sweet or acidic.

The impact of lifestyle habits  : Certain habits, such as smoking or regular alcohol consumption, increase the incidence of certain diseases of the teeth and tissues of the mouth: periodontal diseases, ulcers, cancer, etc.

Some tips for maintaining good oral health in all circumstances:

Clean your teeth as soon as possible  : If you cannot brush your teeth immediately after eating or drinking, it may be a good idea to rinse your mouth to remove as many sugary or acid residues as possible. Eating raw and hard vegetables (crudités) also removes food particles. However, this does not replace the toothbrush; it is therefore important to proceed with a good brushing as soon as possible.

Have a toothbrush available at all times  : In order to avoid being unprepared, it may be a good idea to keep a toothbrush and a tube of travel toothpaste with you (in your handbag, in your the car). It is also a good idea to leave some in places you frequent regularly (at work, with family members, etc.).

Maintain a good balance in life  : It is recommended to avoid tobacco and alcohol. However, if you smoke or consume alcohol, it is important to brush your teeth well after doing so, or at least rinse your mouth.

Favor healthy snacks  : Sugary and/or acidic foods and drinks are harmful to the teeth, especially if they are eaten between meals. This is why it is better to opt for snacks that are low in sugar or low in starch, such as cheese, nuts, raw vegetables and certain fruits.

Promote water consumption  : Water is the best beverage for staying hydrated, because it does not contain sugars or acidity, unlike juices or soft drinks.

By maintaining these good habits at all times and in all circumstances, you will help maintain good oral health. To be sure, don’t forget to consult your dentist on a regular basis. He can check the condition of your teeth and the tissues of your mouth and remedy any problems if necessary. At the Dr. David Côté Clinic , we will be happy to welcome you and ensure the health of your smile!



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