Accepting your new body after weight loss: our advice

after weight loss

After losing weight , it’s hard to find your bearings in the face of this new body and this silhouette that you don’t recognize. Read Croq’Body ‘s advice to get a fresh start with your body!

Accepting your body after weight loss

After a significant weight loss, the relationship to the body is often complicated and morale can quickly drop. It’s often difficult to feel comfortable in your new body, even though the long-awaited goal has been achieved. Let’s be honest, it’s not enough to lose weight to feel thin in your head. When you have built yourself on an image of a very round woman, it takes time to tame a new reflection, regain self-confidence , accept and love a new body.

We can be very happy to have lost weight.  This is for some a real battle won. But we must also pursue another objective: that of accepting our new body  and the way people will look at it. When the pounds fly away, many things change: our view of ourselves and that of others. It is therefore necessary to know how to tame this  new image , far from the body in which we have always lived or from the one that we have idealized as ”  perfect body  “.

It is a great psychological upheaval, often underestimated. Everyone accepts themselves in the way they want, and above all, in the way they can, at their own pace. There are no rules on this. More generally, if overweight, bulges,  cellulite , often disgust those who are affected, we see that losing weight is not necessarily either a miraculous solution to love and make peace with your body . The road to self-acceptance is long and winding, so start it as early as possible, regardless of your silhouette.

Change your outlook on yourself

Deeper and more painful than a simple appearance problem,  physical complexes  are a wound to self-esteem . We devalue ourselves and the  loss of confidence  can ruin our lives: because of a belly or thighs that we find a little too round, we can deny ourselves the simple pleasures of life: a swim, a garment, or an evening with friends.

Not  loving your body  sometimes leads us to do everything to forget it or to mistreat it. We tend to take refuge in food, with the thought of ”  damn for damn  ” because we think that in any case, our appearance will never suit us, or, on the contrary, we impose a draconian discipline of diets strict, dangerous and excessive sport without pleasure. The body becomes an enemy that leaves us in a vicious circle of negative state and depression  .

It is therefore important, before, during or after weight loss , to change your outlook on yourself! Studies have also revealed that improving body image results in the adoption of healthier actions and behaviors: better diet, more physical activity with pleasure and desire. When you feel good about your body, you are better able to take care of yourself, eat healthy and play sports. Be honest with yourself and accept the idea that you have to work as much on your mind as on your body to accept and love yourself.

Learn to value yourself again

Accepting your body means first of all  being yourself  : being yourself with others, being yourself in what you like to do on a daily basis (meals, activities, etc.) and being yourself. WITH yourself!

In weight loss , we tend to focus on the flaws, so we only see that. It can take on huge proportions, obsess us, while others, with an outside perspective, don’t see it the same way. In addition, focusing on a small flaw will make it even more present in our thoughts, or only talking about the things you don’t like about yourself draws more attention to it. It’s time to learn how to show off:

remove negative ideas and biased looks from your thoughts, and make a list of your qualities as a person and your physical assets.

trust those around you and the eyes of others: they are certainly more truthful and indulgent than yours. Knowing how to look at yourself with more indulgence is the key to  accepting your body .

Put your flaws into perspective by highlighting  your strengths . Recognize what you like about yourself, look at yourself and treat yourself like you would your best friend and have your own way of being beautiful. The beauty of a woman also lies in the fact of knowing herself well in order to know what we can highlight at home and also to be able to better accept her body as a whole.



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